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Lesley Gray Wellness

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    Pilates Yoga Syergy
    You will experience the relief of having your joints mobilized and muscles lengthened and strengthened, in a session that is subtle yet powerful. You will enjoy the benefits of these modalities as you learn how to effortlessly maintain optimal posture and develop efficient movement patterns. Learn what “core strength” really means and how correct breathing makes all the difference to your overall wellbeing. Perfect for those dealing with chronic injury, those who wish to avoid injury and everyone in between. Suitable for all ages. Class size is limited to maximize the opportunity for personal attention. Relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with no need for fancy active wear. You will feel amazing.
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    Fifties Friendly Fitness
    Maintain your sense of self your vitality and your zest for life. Improve your mind set and wellness by being fit, confident and healthy. By increasing your cardiovascular fitness your flexibility and your mobility you can be strong agile and powerful at any age. Don’t let the thought of getting older get in the way of feeling like the person you really are. Age is just a number. Trust me.
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    Weight Management
    A flexible diet and eating plan to help you achieve your optimal. No two people are the same. The key to life long ideal weight management is understanding which foods best suit ‘your’ body type. By understanding your food cravings which can de-rail your progress and good intentions you will discover optimal health and wellness. dietflex uses the latest scientific research and is developed by an expert dietician. The program focuses on your metabolism, carbohydrate tolerance and your attachment to certain foods and is unique in Australia as it is based on clean eating real food (not meal replacements and fake food) Learn how certain foods like sugar, white & rice grains can impact your weight and health. Knowledge creates power. Lesley a fully qualified coach will guide you on your journey by educating and supporting you with fun and friendly weekly check-ins that keep you motivated accountable and on track. Everyone wants to be in control of their own health and wellbeing. Affordable, confidential and personal. Let me guide and help you.
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    Personal Training
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    Small Groups
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Fifties Friendly Fintess

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